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Cryptic Crossword 26,727
  Nov 2015

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Added links to annotated solutions and hidden themes.   Aug 2014

The Magpie

The Magpie is a subscription crossword magazine dedicated to providing the most demanding of puzzle solvers with consistently excellent advanced thematic crosswords and numerical puzzles.

To celebrate and help promote this most excellent of crossword magazines, The Magpie have kindly allowed me to re-publish my previous Magpie puzzles on this site:

  Safe   (coming soon!)   Dec 2012
  Twist   Jun 2011
  o u oer the o   Mar 2010
  Order   Dec 2009
  The puzzles above are all © The Magpie :: www.piemag.com

About Qaos

I have been setting cryptic crosswords since 2007 and have had puzzles published by The Guardian, 1 Across, Calendar Puzzles, The Church Times, Magpie and The Crossword Centre. Most of my puzzles have a theme or twist of some description.

I believe crosswords should be enjoyable, witty, challenging and should contain at least one clue that makes you smile.